What You Have to Know About OmniPage

OmniPage is one of the best in OCR or optical character recognition technology from Nuance Communications.

The OmniPage was one of the very first optical character program that runs on personal computers. It came to exist in the latter part of the 1980s by the Caere Corporation headed by Robert Noyce.

In the year 2000 though, the Caere Corporation was bought by ScanSoft that was then bought by the Nuance Communications. The OmniPage supports 120 different languages.

What Does OmniPage Do?

In the simplest of terms, the OmniPage is scanning software. A power converter has the ability to convert any hard copy document or paper into a digital form. This digital form can then be indexed and searched.

This software makes users to process and reprocess their existing documents in formats that they need without compromising the original graphics, bullets, tables and columns, meaning that you do not need to type everything or go back to zero just so you could retain the originality of your documents.

Key Features of OmniPage

There have been many versions that have been released by the Nuance Company but most of these carry almost similar features.

  • Performance – OmniPage offers better performance since it has improved its layout accuracy to 67%, the word accuracy have improved to 18%, and the processing on the multi-page PDF documents have increased to 30%.
  • Scanned Images are better in quality and accuracy – The algorithms of OmniPage have removed the speckles and the dots from the images in every page.
  • User Friendly Star Page – upon opening and running the OmniPage, you will be given clear instructions and options on how you can open and scan your documents thus making it easier for you to use it.
  • Cloud Options – You can connect and convert your documents and it has additional functional in using the cloud service to ensure automatic back up and file organization.
  • Language Detection – It automatically recognizes languages. It has dictionary support for alphabets in Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Why Is It the Best on the Market Today?

With OmniPage, you do not only convert your paper, your PDF files into other forms you need. You can also send them to others; you can edit them from your own personal computers or laptops. This software is most beneficial when you belong to the academe or if your business is connected with encoding and the likes. This is the best software in the market that supports almost any kind of scanners and documents perfectly, thus maximizing the production process.  You can now say goodbye to retyping!

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Standard or Professional?

Hello Friends! Are you thinking whether to opt for the Standard or the Professional OmniPage 18 version? Lately, I’ve received questions from readers who want to buy the OmniPage 18, but they don’t know which one is right for them. To help solve this problem, let me cover a comparison of the two versions today. By comparing their features, you could choose a better buy. Standby and let’s start to compare the Standard and the Professional version. Which one proves to be more helpful? Which is the better value for money? Come on and let’s begin. See which one wins in this head-to-head.

Comparison of Top Features


  1. Use it to perfectly transform your words on paper or in images to correct text for archival or conversion.
  2. It formats converted documents perfectly. You can even include tables, charts, graphics, and bullets. Now, everything’s very easy to edit.
  3. You can convert any document fast and easy. You can use the new Start Page which can get this done in a flash.
  4. It comes with built-in workflows which enhance your productivity at work or at home.
  5. It comes with the latest “eDiscovery Assistant. It can also process non-searchable elements. With this feature, you can save a lot of time. You don’t need to use an OCR process or open every PDF file.
  6. The OmniPage allows you to send documents to Amazon Kindle. All you have to do is to scan your document and convert it in a readable format. Send it straight to Amazon Kindle. This, I think, is very valuable especially for e-book authors.
  7. The software can support a wide array of applications. It supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Corel, and HTML, to name a few.
  8. It can automatically process all emailed documents.
  9. The software can recognize up to 120 languages, so you can store or edit documents wherever you are in the world. If you were a traveler, I believe this is a very strong feature.
  10. And more… (It’s up to you to discover more ways to use the software)

Professional ($497)

  1. It can maximize your productivity with the e-Discovery Assistant for searchable PDF.
  2. It can access or convert any documents in the cloud.
  3. The software has most powerful OCR solution.
  4. It can convert accurately using more than 120 languages.
  5. It can be used for legal, medical, and financial recognition.
  6. It can offer accurate comprehensive network and batch processing features which are very valuable for your organization.
  7. The Professional version can analyze a page supremely.
  8. It comes with an unprecedented speed. It offers an innovative solution which allows you to convert your paper in PDF formats and files very fast.
  9. It offers superb document management.

10. The Professional version offers an image format conversion.

11. Edit with your PC.

12. You can archive files in a document repository.

13. It can totally eliminate inefficiency of using paper.

14. The pro version offers the perfect solution and maximum savings on storage.

15. You can eliminate retyping because your task is automated.

16. There’s more!

What’s New with OmniPage 18


  • Enhanced layout accuracy
  • Enhanced word accuracy
  • Searchable PDF-MRC files made compressed
  • Quick PDF processing

Searchable PDF

The eDiscovery Assistant allows searchable PDF to safely convert single or multiple PDFs in searchable files or documents fast.

Connects and Converts in the Cloud

Download input files from storage sites online and return recognition results. The new software can provide a native integration with websites such as Dropbox and Evernote. Plus, this version comes with Nuance Cloud Connector that allows you access to cloud services such as SkyDrive, Microsoft, GoogleDocs, and others.

Better Images Due to Improved Pre-Processing

The new software can remove dots and speckles on images through the use of tool options such as Normal, Halftone, and Salt & Pepper

Other Improvements…

  • Comes with new scanner enhancement tools
  • Has auto language detection
  • Improved blank page recognition
  • Comes with new ISIS scanners

So, upon dissecting both the Standard and the Professional Versions, I hope that you can come up with the right decision as to which one is better than the other. I suggest that you choose the version that can handle and accommodate your needs. Obviously, you can choose the Standard Version for personal use or the Professional Version for office use.

I’ll leave the choice up to you. But, I believe that both come with super packed features that can improve your performance and productivity.

For you, which one wins in this head-to-head? Feel free to leave your feedback below.

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Until Next Time,

Peter-Your OmniPage Guide 🙂

OmniPage 18.0 Out Now

The world’s number 1 scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software has now become better than ever with the newly released OmniPage 18.

OmniPage is definitely a top notch software program that has the ability to convert paper into a digital form and automatically convert that digital form into something that can be indexed and searched. OmniPage makes it easy and faster fo you to reprocess existing documents with appropriate formatting yet look just like the original ones with graphics, columns, bullets and tables.

What’s new with OmniPage 18.0? Check this out!

· Better Performance – 67% improved layout accuracy, 18% improved word accuracy, 50% more compressed Searchable PDF-MRC files without loosing any word accuracy and 30% faster processing on multipage PDF documents.

· Better scanned images produces better accuracy – Improved algorithms for removing speckles and dots from page images.

· Start Page provides guidance – Presents clear options to open or scan documents, open OmniPage Project Documents and provides pre-programmed workflows

· Most productive and accurate searchable PDF ever – You can now convert a single PDF or batches of PDFs of all types into completely searchable documents.

· Connect and convert in the Cloud – Gives you additional functionality for using cloud services for automatic backup and file synchronization.

· Automatic language detection – Recognizes languages with dictionary support that use a latin-based alphabet plus Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

· Better control over determining blank pages – improves the use of two controls: the new pre-processing option ‘Drop blank pages’ and ‘the existing saving option ‘Create a new file at each blank page’.

· ISIS scanners– Allows you to scan directly into OmniPage for scanners that supports ISIS.

Check out more for Updated features of OmniPage 18 here!

If you already use OmniPage, check out the OmniPage 18.0 Upgrade here!

So as the industry-leading solution, Omni Page Software gives you more satisfaction that will help you achieve the best of what you can get.

Nuance PaperPort 12 Released

laptop-smallHello Friends,

Nuance Communications, Inc., the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, publishers of OmniPage, launched their latest version of today’s No.1 desktop document management application – PaperPort 12.

PaperPort is now back, 12x faster, 12x better and with 12 new features, turning piles of paper into easy to find information seamlessly in no time.

12 New Features in PaperPort 12:

1. PDF Viewer Plus

With the new PDF handling application, accessing PDF files is now made 500% faster over PaperPort 11. It optimizes resources to give the best resolution.

2. Tabbed Ribbon Interface

All functions are now displayed in a convenient tabbed ribbon style toolbars.

3. Scan Now button

PaperPort 12 now has a “Scan Now” button that lets you scan your documents with just one-click.

4. ScanDirect Utility

When you scan document, ScanDirect utility automatically opens the PDF Viewer Plus.

5. Superior PDF Annotations

Add comments to your documents and choose from a range of annotation set such as notes, text boxes, highlights, straight lines and free-form lines.

6. Dynamic and transparent stamps

Dynamic Stamps – automatically adds author, date and time.
Transparent Stamps – add stamps like scanned signatures.

7. FormTyper

With the use of Logical Form Recognition® Technology, PaperPort 12 allows you to turn a static form into a fillable one PLUS control over the form elements.

8. Expanded PDF Search capabilities

PaperPort lets you search contents and image files with the use of the search engines such as Windows® Desktop Search or Google® by simply entering a keyword.

9. Customizable Quick Access toolbar

Add and locate easily your frequently-used tools on the Quick Access Toolbar located above the tabbed ribbon toolbar.

10. Microsoft® SharePoint® Support

Import and export your Microsoft SharePoint files in just a few clicks.

11. Digital Camera Input

Take a picture of a document and convert it into a text document for editing with the use of the Send To Bar.

12. How-to Guides

Finding help is now faster with the updated series of mini-guides that can be easily accessed from the tabbed ribbon toolbar.

Here are the Improved features of PaperPort 12:

– 42% OCR accuracy

PaperPort 12 increased 42% accuracy than in its previous version, in terms of PDF searching and application of language settings to OCR.

– Expanded Folder management capabilities

Increased number of folder colors (from 9 to 29) to simply distinguish folders. With PaperPort 12, you can now create multiple folders by importing a list of folder names from a a text file.

Needless to say more you could cut your administrative costs by half with PaperPort 12 by automating scanning, organizing and sharing of documents!

Peter – Your Ominpage Guide

OmniPage OCR – What is it?


Hello There!

New to OmniPage ?

OmniPage is the fastest and most precise way to convert documents into editable digital content that looks and acts just like an original digital document complete with columns, colors, pictures and graphics.

When it comes to Document and OCR Conversion among all the competition only OmniPage reigns above the rest.

But given all its amazing features and capabilities that includes OCR conversion, have you ever wondered as to what OCR really is? What does it stands for? What does its abbreviation mean?

Optical Character Recognition is a process of converting printed materials into text or word processing files that can be easily edited and stored. It has enabled such materials to be stored using much less storage space than
the hard copy (printed on paper) materials
,” says WiseGeek.com.

convert-to-searchable-pdfA technology which addresses the time-consuming conversion problem of handwritten, typewritten or printed text
materials. With the use of optical techniques (such as mirrors and lenses) and digital characted recognition (via scanners) combined, a machine-editable text can be produced.

OCR technology as a basic technology is now used and incorporated in advanced scanning software more commonly known as OCR software. What these software do is read and distinguish fonts, lines and even words that is then translated into a text/word in the computer. Other OCR software apply advanced controls for you to speed up, improve formatting and
design the output styles the way you want them to be.

convert-iphone-imagesOmniPage 17 answers all OCR conversion needs that you’re looking for in a software. A one tool that does it all producing 99%+ character accuracy rate, converts to Microsoft Office, Amazon Kindle, Text, Corel WordPerfect, PDF, HTML and more.

Check out more features of OmniPage 17 here!

If it’s speed, quality, great features you are looking for, then OmniPage 17 is ALL you need.

Look no further !

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your OmniPage Guide

Omnipage Accurate Document Converter


Hello There!

OmniPage has always been known as the most powerful and accurate Document Conversion Software.

But for real, have you ever wondered why it’s been hailed as the “Most Accurate”?

Isn’t it a bit too much to hail it as such without a proof?

That’s a good question! I will tell you why it is what they say it is, “The Most Accurate!”

As far as any OCR software is concerned, accuracy is the most important feature an OCR program can have as it converts into saving time. OmniPage’s accuracy was tested and proven by the PC Magazine, when they ran it through lab tests and it it was able to process all of their test documents with less error and less editing than any other document conversion software. The lab test garnered OmniPage an accuracy level of up to 50% above all its competitors and that means better conversion, better document retrieval, great processing efficiency and increase of work productivity. Making its users’ workloads easier, faster and convenient.

Read on to find out the advanced and very helpful features of OmniPage:

Conversion to 123 Languages – OmniPage’s possesses language-related features such as the language recognition and language detection, both of which are easily recognized and comes really handy when finding the right foreign word using the alerts which gives you the best possible results. Pretty accurate for an OCR software, right?

Recognition to Financial, Legal and Medical Terms – Having a hard time typing that medical terminology? Your hard days are over. With OmniPage, you’re ensured of getting the most accurate conversion of that vital industry specific term for documents.

Despeckle Module – Those days of reading hard to read documents due to background noise and shades, is now over. The Despeckle module is so sophisticated, it can enhance any unrecognizable documents and convert it with in no time and with less human intervention.

Outstanding PDF Converter – OmniPage’s PDF converter helps you to convert PDF files into an editable word processing and spreadsheet documents, all complete with layout, text, graphics and tables. One technology that surpasses other document converters on the market.

Keep up with the trend and experience the accuracy of OmniPage, check out more of OmniPage 17 here or upgrade your old version here.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Omnipage Guide

OmniPage 17, No.1 Scanning and OCR Software


Hello Friend,

Use of paper and information that is locked in non-editable formats slows people down and often leads to “repetitive work” wasting time and money.

Omnipage is the fastest way to convert documents into editable content that looks exactly like the original document including colors, graphics, columns and more.

Nuance has recently released the latest version of the world’s number 1 scanning and OCR software OmniPage 17. The new release represents far more than just an upgrade it sets unparalleled new standards in accuracy, speed and performance!

The improvements and the functionality added combines to make OmniPage 17 a truly revolutionary application that will save your business time and money.


Increased Word Accuracy: Now delivers 42% increase in accuracy for scanned documents.

• Faster Launch Times: Opening OmniPage 17 is 200% faster compared to older versions.

• Send to Amazon Kindle: With one easy step, you can now scan a document, convert it to a readable format and send it to the eBook reader, Amazon Kindle®.

• Easy Loader: This new interface window allows you to quickly access multiple documents at the same time.

• One-click toolbar in Microsoft Office: You don’t need to open OmniPage anymore, with “One-Click”, you can utilize OmniPage inside Microsoft Office.

• Language Recognition:

– Asian language recognition: In version 17, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages are now recognized.

– Automatic Asian Language Detection: When Western and Asian texts are inputted and mixed on the page, OmniPage automatically gives the user all the best possible results.


• Increased Layout and Formatting Accuracy: The table recognition, large titles, vertical text, and character matching are improved and more.

• Multi-Core Parallel Processing: Productivity is increased as OmniPage processes are faster in coordination to the new and popular computer processors of today.

• Digital Camera 3DC Technology: Now you can capture text anywhere and everywhere with your digicam, 3D distortion can now be automatically corrected.


Nuance’s latest innovations to OmniPage 17 has proven to the world how beneficial it can be in delivering easy, practical and fast ways of document conversion to today’s businesses.

Take advantage of the OmniPage experience and your conversion days will never be the same again, Buy OmniPage 17 Now.

If you are an existing OmniPage user Upgrading to OmniPage 17 can help you do more and save more than ever before!

Until next time enjoy the fantastic new features of OmniPage 17. If you have any comments feel free to share below.

Omnipage 16 Released

omnipage1OmniPage 16, Nuance’s latest version of the world’s best selling OCR software has recently been released.

Get more ways in converting your paper and PDF files with this conversion application. Its new features have made its previous versions’ users upgrade to it as soon as they’ve heard of it.

Here are what’s
new in Omnipage 16:

Best Overall Accuracy

Nuance’s scientists and engineers fruitful efforts delivered a 27% increase in overall document conversion accuracy compared to the previous release.

The fastest OmniPage and OCR ever

Now known as the world’s first OCR application designed for a multi-core processor computer, and with its improved hyper-threading, with OmniPage 16, you can work up to 46% faster than ever before.

Amazing 3DC Digital Camera Technology

With a camera on hand and OmniPage 16, it’s both easy and accurate to click, capture and convert text without a scanner!

First to support Microsoft Office 2007

Nuance’s close partnership with Microsoft in the areas of OCR and document and conversion. Microsoft helped in developing the new Word .docx, Excel .xlsx and PowerPoint .pptx formats in OmniPage.

First to support Microsoft XPS

OmniPage 16 has an input and export support for XPS, for document sharing and archiving within Microsoft Windows. XPS is much like a PDF, where you can convert them vice versa.

And many more exciting features…

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your OmniPage Guide