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Use of paper and information that is locked in non-editable formats slows people down and often leads to “repetitive work” wasting time and money.

Omnipage is the fastest way to convert documents into editable content that looks exactly like the original document including colors, graphics, columns and more.

Nuance has recently released the latest version of the world’s number 1 scanning and OCR software OmniPage 17. The new release represents far more than just an upgrade it sets unparalleled new standards in accuracy, speed and performance!

The improvements and the functionality added combines to make OmniPage 17 a truly revolutionary application that will save your business time and money.


Increased Word Accuracy: Now delivers 42% increase in accuracy for scanned documents.

• Faster Launch Times: Opening OmniPage 17 is 200% faster compared to older versions.

• Send to Amazon Kindle: With one easy step, you can now scan a document, convert it to a readable format and send it to the eBook reader, Amazon Kindle®.

• Easy Loader: This new interface window allows you to quickly access multiple documents at the same time.

• One-click toolbar in Microsoft Office: You don’t need to open OmniPage anymore, with “One-Click”, you can utilize OmniPage inside Microsoft Office.

• Language Recognition:

– Asian language recognition: In version 17, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages are now recognized.

– Automatic Asian Language Detection: When Western and Asian texts are inputted and mixed on the page, OmniPage automatically gives the user all the best possible results.


• Increased Layout and Formatting Accuracy: The table recognition, large titles, vertical text, and character matching are improved and more.

• Multi-Core Parallel Processing: Productivity is increased as OmniPage processes are faster in coordination to the new and popular computer processors of today.

• Digital Camera 3DC Technology: Now you can capture text anywhere and everywhere with your digicam, 3D distortion can now be automatically corrected.


Nuance’s latest innovations to OmniPage 17 has proven to the world how beneficial it can be in delivering easy, practical and fast ways of document conversion to today’s businesses.

Take advantage of the OmniPage experience and your conversion days will never be the same again, Buy OmniPage 17 Now.

If you are an existing OmniPage user Upgrading to OmniPage 17 can help you do more and save more than ever before!

Until next time enjoy the fantastic new features of OmniPage 17. If you have any comments feel free to share below.